Party Barn (Rental Only)

Looking for a place to hold your childs birthday party. We have the place for you. Our Party Barn will seat approx 30 people with the comfort of air conditoning in the summer & heated in the winter.

We have free games your guests can play and our new 16'x32' Jungle Gym. We also throw the glow golf in for free starting April 1st 2013.

Price & Packages

  • New Party Barn Pricing Starting April 1st 2013.

    $60.00 For 2 hour rental
    $80.00 Add an additional hour (If No Party Is Booked After Yours)
    Glow Golf is free with party
    $3.00 Per Player for laser tag.

    We have open availability Mon-Fri but weekends our party hours are:

    Saturday - 1-3pm & 5-7pm. No parties will be booked outside of these hours on weekends.

    Please see the FAQ's below for details on Laser Tag during your party.

  • Jungle Gym

    Our 16'X32' Jungle Gym is sure to be a birthday party hit. With plenty of space to crawl around and play your child should have a great time playing on this gym. The 20' slide will excite as well as exhilerate your child as they play.

    Party Barn Rental FAQ's

    1) The price for the party barn rental is $60.00. This covers the party room,the game room, the jungle gym and glow golf. The tiled area in the front is for Laser Tag use only.

    2) The Laser Tag area is not to be used by Party Barn renters in any means. Even if Laser Tag is closed at the time of your party, please refrain from using this area for your party. There are Laser Tag parties scheduled often and this area may be needed for Laser Tag at any spur of the moment. If you use this area additional costs will be applied and you will be asked to move.

    3) You are not renting the games. The games are free with your rental. At times some of the games may not work.

    4) Glow Golf is free with your party rental.

    5) Laser Tag is $3.00 per player, per 10 minute round, but may not be available for your party as there may be private Laser Tag parties booked. This can not be avoided as both the Laser Tag & The Party Barn share the same building & entrance. If applicable we may be able to accomodate your party if:

    a) There are no private parties booked
    b) If Laser Tag is open to the public at the time of your party.

    (Laser Tag Hours Differ From Restaurant Hours)

    6) On weekends Laser Tag does not open to the public until 3pm.

    7) Discounts may be awarded to you for circumstances beyond our control. These discounts will be determined by the management staff of The Roadside Cafe.

    8) Please refrain from letting your guests in the Laser Tag area the best you can. We have children wanting to stand at the Laser Tag arena entrance which can result in injury as players exit the arena.

    9) The restroom is uni-sex and used by both party guests & laser tag players.

    10) Laser Tag players will refrain from entering your party, but at times we have public that do not know you are having a private party. We can not determine who is invited to your party and who is not. If you have someone enter your party that was not invited, please inform them or the staff of the Roadside Cafe and we will talk to them and explain.

    We do book Laser Tag Parties / Events. We have certain days & hours for this. If interested in a Laser Tag Party, please look at our Laser Info Page.

    **Birthday Parties book fast. If you are interested in booking a birthday party on a weekend you may want to book your party 3 months in advance.